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Metering Services

From Resolutions 65/2012/R/eel and 117/2015/R/gas to IIS Nextcloud

The Metering areas of energy & utilities sales companies are responsible for certifying the measurement data validated by the distributors, generating consumption estimates and aligning MPAN/MPRN technical data.

The standardisation of the communication formats between distribution and sale (Resolutions 65/2012/R/eel and 117/2015/R/gas) and the gradual shift to the single communication channel made available by the Single Buyer with the Integrated Information System (IIS) and Nextcloud are reducing the complexity of some management systems. However, they require Metering areas to regulate and monitor increasingly extensive, numerous and frequent flows and reports.

Acquiring and validating technical and measurement data has never been easier

We provide turn-key services to Metering Managers, autonomously managing the communication with gas and electricity distributors and making certified technical and measurement data available.

Thanks to the Acuphi suite’s dedicated modules (Spider and MDM) and specialised teams, we ensure:

  • exchange of flows regarding readings and self-readings, meter replacements and technical data with all distributors
  • verification of deviations during acquisition, analysis and recovery of errors and special cases
  • validation of consumption obtained from the data reading and calculation of estimated consumption

The service includes:

  • compliance with operational SLAs agreed with the Metering Manager
  • compliance with the time frames imposed by the ARERA regulations
  • analytical and summary reporting of service activities
  • calculation of process KPIs

Save time without losing any measurement!

By entrusting us with your metering processes, you can:

  • relieve your business from many operational and time-consuming tasks, thereby reducing operating expenses
  • reduce meter-to-cash times with fast response times and regulatory compliance
  • be sure that no measurements are lost
  • have excellent measurement data quality, reducing deviations between measurements received and consumption invoiced
  • have an overview of all processes, through the KPIs prepared by us

Some significant results achieved by ACUS customers

0 %
Reduction of the management time of the entire self-reading validation process
0 %
Reduction of backlog of meter replacements over 4 months of operation
0 %
Average residual deviation per meter replacement one month after the first upload

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