Marketing Consulting

Retention and pricing for utilities

Marketing consulting covers the Sales & Marketing areas, and, through a mix of analytical and quantitative knowledge, specialises in the management of the strategic retention and pricing process in the utilities sector for SME Premium, SME, Micro Business, Condominium and Residential customer targets.

Sales and Marketing for gas, energy and extra-commodity services

We support Marketing and Sales Managers of energy & utilities sales companies in the following activities:

  • Forecasting of gas and electricity volumes for retention and new acquisitions
  • Retention strategies: scenario analysis and customer clusters
  • Sales monitoring: sales force performance and forecast accuracy
  • Margin protection
  • Process management
  • Back office for accurate pricing analysis and verification

Our service goes beyond the execution of procedures: we analyse processes, in order to automate, improve and re-engineer them and control sales and prices.

Key insights for retention and acquisition

With our support in the Marketing area, you can:

  • streamline the retention and new acquisition process
  • analyse and obtain key insights to facilitate business decisions
  • manage market changes caused by external and internal players to meet business deadlines

Some significant results achieved by ACUS customers

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Reduction of the time required to manage renewal offers
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Number of renewals managed in one year
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Automation of the renewal process

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