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IT projects in the utilities sector - a mix of technological and process skills

The energy & utilities sales companies’ IT representatives must deal with market developments, guaranteeing continuous updating and innovation of IT systems providing support to the business.

Business development and transformation and regulatory provisions require IT Demand and Delivery to constantly update the software for process management, not only for electricity and gas, but also for extra commodity services.

The implementation of IT projects and upgrading of systems requires specialised skills in business, technology and application processes.

System integration and upgrading of software for the energy and gas market

We support the IT department throughout the project life cycle, for the introduction and integration of software into the application map or for the creation of new functions on existing systems.

In the System Integration activities, we support IT in:

  • the collection of business requirements
  • business analysis, business process engineering
  • functional and regulatory analysis
  • definition of technical specifications for software design purposes
  • definition and management of test plans
  • execution of systems tests, integration tests, user acceptance tests (UAT), end-to-end tests and performance tests
  • software configuration and customisation
  • project management
  • management of software providers

We support IT in migration activities by defining data conversion mapping, developing tools and managing certification phases.

We work in market software projects, proprietary Acus solutions (AcuphiAcusim) and customised applications, ranging from front-end to back-end systems, for the management of CRM, Metering, Billing, Credit, Distributor Management, Accounting and Settlement processes.

We know your business and applications

Thanks to our specialisation in the processes that govern the management of electricity, gas and extra commodity services, we know your business processes and can meet your specific requirements.

Through our in-depth knowledge of applications for the utilities market, we know the basic functions of the software and can identify the best technical solutions to meet your business needs.


Some significant results achieved by ACUS customers

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System integration project of the CRM-Billing dual-commodity suite
0 layouts
Implementation and certification for data migration

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