Credit Management

Indemnity System Service

Indemnities for arrears under Resolution no. 593/2017/R/com

ARERA regulated the Indemnity System process (ARG/elt 191/09, ARG/elt 219/10, 593/2017/R/com) to guarantee the payment of an indemnity (CMOR fee), if there is a default by the end customer who switched out, whether for electricity or gas. The Indemnity System involves complex management within the energy & utilities sales companies, as it affects various business areas:

  • Credit Management, which is responsible for verifying the conditions resulting in arrears
  • Distributor Management, for communication with the System Operator (Single Buyer)
  • Billing, for the invoicing of CMOR indemnities
  • Accounting, for the accounts management and interaction with the Energy and Environmental Services Fund (CSEA)

Turn-key CMOR

With the Indemnity System Service, by using the Acusim solution, we manage all the processes connected to the Indemnity System with a turn-key service, dealing with the communication with the Integrated Information System (IIS) and the exchange of information with the systems of the company areas affected by the process.

With the Indemnity System BPO:

  • we manage all processes for the Outgoing User (OU) and the Incoming User (IU)
  • we verify the conditions that trigger CMOR charges and the related cancellations and suspensions
  • we ensure all necessary information is acquired and processed
  • we verify the success of processes and manage their recovery
  • we analyse possible deviations and highlight unexpected situations
  • we ensure compliance with the deadlines set by the regulations for the generation of compensation and cancellation requests
  • we manage reporting in respect of the acquisition of the analytical flow from CSEA to the accounting and credit departments
  • we produce an advanced report, useful for the monitoring, detailed analysis and delivery of reports required by ARERA
  • we provide support for the audits by the Authority

Streamline management and meet ARERA deadlines

By entrusting us with the management of your Indemnity System process, you can:

  • resolve internal management complexities
  • pass on the management of organisational aspects
  • meet the deadlines set by the regulations
  • manage the Indemnity System in a centralised manner
  • benefit from a team of industry experts

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