Distributor Relationship Management Service

Management of gas and electricity distributors

The Metering and Distributor Management areas of energy & utilities sales companies interact with hundreds of distributors, managing a highly complex system of channels and transmitted data.

Managing communication with gas and electricity distribution companies is costly and fragmented for sales operators, which must adapt their processes to ARERA and Single Buyer provisions, on the issues of standardisation of layouts and information channels, such as the Integrated Information System (IIS).

In addition to activities linked to the exchange of flows with distributors, the control processes for the data supplied by distributors are becoming increasingly important, such as the approval of payable invoices and the reconciliation between sales and distribution data.

The service for all Metering, Distributor Management and Settlement needs

Using the Acuphi suite, the Distributor Relationship Management Service independently manages communication with distributors on behalf of the sales companies. These activities include:

  • retrieval of information from all distributors
  • data standardisation for non-regulated layouts
  • Meter Data Management (MDM) processes, for the validation of measurements and the calculation of consumption
  • approval of payable invoices
  • settlement for balancing accounts receivable and payable
  • sorting of all information from distributors to other company systems

More efficiency, less work, more time for KPI analysis

By entrusting us with the management of your relations with distributors, you can:

  • release Distributor Management and Metering from operational activities
  • reduce the time needed to exchange flows, thanks to the automation that we implement with our tools
  • reduce costs, thanks to a turn-key service
  • benefit from processes that are always up-to-date with current legislation
  • have available analysis resulting from Settlement processes
  • take advantage of our KPIs and summary and analytical process reports
  • enjoy a guarantee of service with defined SLAs

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