Acuphi – Payment Approval

Approving gas and electricity distributor payments of payable invoices

Energy & utilities sales companies must manage the storage and validation of many different types of invoices payable from hundreds of distributors (invoices for transport, connection, compensation, etc.), using a variety of layouts, whether regulated, such as CADE, or non-regulated.

Sales companies must check the information contained in electricity and gas invoices due in order to decide whether to approve the invoice payment, analysing whether it is correct from a formal and tax viewpoint, and consistent with personal data and consumption, for supplies attributable to the same reference cluster.

Payment approval and billing and accounting functions

Acuphi's Payment Approval module manages invoices due, and specifically for:

  • storage, which standardises the documents recovered automatically from portals, certified e-mails or predefined folders
  • checking the formal correctness and consistency of the amount billed by the distributor and shown either in electronic records or in readable PDFs
  • making available functional indicators for invoice payment approval, or, when required, implementing a partial or total block
  • reporting the information contained in the invoices due in the accounting system, according to the desired layout

The processing allows:

  • approval of the invoice due (total/partial payment authorisation) by applying specific KPIs that can be configured for activation and reporting.
  • generation of non-compliant PDFs, both for reconstructing invoices when a PDF is unreadable, and for the single MPAN/MPRN contained in the distributor's invoice where necessary for specific disputes or verifications
  • the identification and reporting of pass-through charges to be reversed for invoicing (services, bonuses, etc.)
  • the preparation and reporting of flows for accounting purposes
  • communication to the replacement document storage system the files to be processed and the specific indices required

KPI, control and automation

Acuphi's Payment Approval module allows you to:

  • conduct detailed checks on invoices payable, using logical solutions dedicated to the utilities market, such as the identification of invoices that contain MPANs/MPRNs not owned by the sales company or the verification of deviations in consumption and amounts classifiable as "outliers" for the reference cluster identified, based on historical series or contractual characteristics
  • parametrise the control KPIs, relative weights and tolerance thresholds, to decide whether to give automatic approval to the invoice or to request checks by the user
  • manage in an automatic and configurable manner the offset of costs passing to billing, reducing the situations in which services are uninvoiced
  • ensure timely communication with the accounting system

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