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Acuphi – Meter Data Management

Gas and electricity metering

The Metering area of energy & utilities companies requires advanced tools to manage:

  • the acquisition of readings and the calculation of consumption
  • the validation of calculated consumption
  • estimated consumption for periods not covered by readings
  • the aggregation of consumption according to methods that depend on its display for billing systems

The increasing amount of data made available by distributors, thanks to the new smart meters, amplifies the need for high-performance tools capable of processing a large amount of data.

Acquisition of measurement data and validation and estimate of consumption in utilities

The Acuphi MDM module provides all the functions necessary to manage electricity and gas measurement. It acquires measurement data and processes readings to estimate, validate and aggregate consumption for business processes, such as billing, forecasting and settlement. Thanks to flexible and sophisticated consumption calculation models, Acuphi's MDM prepares the data in an optimal manner, thereby speeding up the subsequent invoicing process.

The Acuphi MDM module performs the following tasks:

  • it implements the measurement flows exchanged with the distributors through Spiders checking, standardising and storing the readings’ data
  • it validates readings that are consistent with the available technical information
  • it calculates the consumption from the validated markers, taking into account the meter’s technical information and interpreting the communications that involve technical changes
  • it estimates consumption for periods without valid reading data, based on standardised or contractualised profiles (e.g. consumption profiles, curves) and the historical MPAN/MPRN consumption data
  • it estimates future consumption, to submit the presumed consumption to the customer
  • it validates the consumption, applying validation rules
  • it aggregates consumption according to rules to prepare the invoicing data, based on contractual characteristics: for electricity on a single, dual or, multiple time slot basis (F1, F2, F3), peak/off-peak, Single National Price invoicing curve, customised contractual plans, etc., for gas, aggregation of daily measurements aimed at calculating penalties

The Acuphi MDM module manages 2G meters for electricity and smart meters for gas.

Measurement data certification and promptness with which it is available

The Acuphi-MDM solution enables you to:

  • certify measurement data
  • monitor deviations in acquisition and validation
  • apply advanced algorithms for consumption calculation
  • speed up the invoicing process, thanks to the prior aggregation of consumption data, based on contractual characteristics
  • manage a large quantity of consumption data, maintaining historical depth and generating aggregated consumption for billing

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