Acuphi – Dashboard

Operational and monitoring tools for gas and electricity sales processes

The operations of the energy & utilities market companies personnel must be simplified and automated as much as possible.

The monitoring tools available to the management must be based on synthetic parameters, the calculation of which must be automated and uniform over time, to control their development.

Acuphi's Dashboard functions are based on these two considerations, and are therefore marked by two different levels of intervention: operational and directional.

Operational Dashboard

The Operational Dashboard is configurable for each access profile, in which operators are provided a summary of:

  • results of the operations carried out over a given period, with evidence of the parameters of interest and recommendations on possible actions
  • imminent planning, always with reference to a configurable period
  • elements configured as sensitive and which require specific operational control
  • reminders of manual actions or necessary checks, configurable when they are regular or required by authorised profiles. These reminders can be supplemented with notes from the operator

With the Operational Dashboard, each operator may configure the extraction of customised summary reports.

Directional Dashboard

The Directional Dashboard summarises overall data and KPIs of interest, which allow the performance of the company's settlement process to be shown.

Overall data:

  • volume and revenue data for accounts receivable, recorded over periods and with the possibility of seeing performance per individual distributor
  • volume and revenue data for accounts payable, recorded over periods and with the possibility of seeing performance per individual distributor
  • measured volume data from flows reported by distributors
  • volume data measured by Terna, reported by the network operator


  • reports identified, with an impact on the customer base
  • distribution of reports over time, in terms of number and volume
  • level of abatement of the reports identified in relation to the actions taken
  • historical trend in indicators

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