Acuphi – The suite for sales companies

Interaction between gas and electricity sales and distribution companies

Energy & Utilities sales companies must undertake an intensive dialogue about their application map with the various distribution companies present in the regions. How this breaks down and the specific communication methods used are extremely complex. Hence the need to centralise traffic flows, to standardise and distribute them to the relevant company areas and manage related processes, all independently from the original source.

The areas most affected by this issue are:

  • Distributor Management, for the exchange of personal data, measurements and services
  • Metering, for the acquisition and validation of measurement data
  • Settlement for the reconciliation of accounts payable and receivable data, for Controlling and Operations, to optimise contract-to-bill processes
  • Accounting, for the approval of payable invoices
  • Documents, for the recovery and archiving of the flows transmitted by Distributors

The legislation describes some of the communications necessary between the parties and in some cases determines frequency, methods and channel. Only some of the distributors currently comply with all the instructions. For this reason, it is useful to have a tool that can verify behaviour consistency and at the same time adapt to specific situations in order to guarantee flexibility and competitiveness for the sales company.

Among the many amendments required by law, sales operators must comply with ARERA provisions no. 111/06, no. 156/07, ARG/elt 107/09, 65/2012/R/eel, 229/2012/R/gas, 6/2012 ‑ DMEG, 574/2013/R/gas, 117/2015/R/gas, 268/2015/R/eel, 628/2015/R/eel and 700/2017/R/eel.

The complete suite to manage measurements, payable invoices, services and personal data

Acuphi software automates and monitors the management of the main communications between the sales company, distributors, the Integrated Information System (IIS) and the Network Manager.

The Acuphi suite ensures that users are aligned, independently from the interfaces in the receiving and sending phases, and allows them to analysis and process the information contained therein, with a particular focus on the comparison between the different communications related to the same MPAN/MPRN.

The Acuphi suite provides a centralised view of all the communications that the sales company must exchange with the distribution and transport operators, through a dashboard that guarantees a summary view and monitoring of operations that are largely automated through planning and verification functions. The solution is available for the electricity and natural gas market.

The Acuphi suite is composed of several modules and features that automate the recovery of communication flows, standardise, process and monitor the information exchanged, with a particular focus on management control, data quality and performance, relating to:

  • technical details of electricity Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) and natural gas Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)
  • periodic measurements, according to specific standard or process-related layouts, for the main distributors
  • payable invoices with summary (readable PDF or other) and analytical layouts
  • switching processes, connections, contracts, audits and changes and arrears

Acuphi integrates with the main market solutions, and offers a high degree of flexibility for interaction with customised systems, to include

  • active point details according to the sales company contract
  • receivable invoices

Acuphi provides advanced processing of the information exchanged for:

  • payment approval of payable invoices
  • settlement for reconciliation between accounts receivable and payable
  • meter data management (MDM), for display to the relevant settlement module or for communication to the invoicing systems
  • development of processes linked to the distributors’ performance

The processes that ensure the maintenance of Acuphi comply with international technical and organisational standards and have obtained Service Organisation Controls Report certification (SOC 1 - Type 2).

Organisation, automation, certification, monitoring

The Acuphi suite offers the following benefits:

  • structured and organised working environment in which it is possible to plan operations and increase the efficiency of operating loads
  • automation and scheduling of the processes of acquisition, processing and communication flows
  • reduction of repetitive activities and the risk of human error
  • data certification, through cross-checks and advanced checks on all the information exchanged
  • centralisation, standardisation and data logging of information exchanged with network operators
  • monitoring, using graphical presentations and tables, with the possibility of aggregated and timely analysis
  • possibility to activate the suite's highly configurable individual modules, and customise them according to business development strategies
  • choice between the following forms of service: On Premises or SaaS

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