Utility margins monitoring solution

Acumargin is a solution that can be fully integrated with the Acuphi suite. It allows electricity and gas sales companies to monitor the margins achieved, at individual point level and at homogeneous aggregation level.

The software solution has two execution methods:

  • determination of the margin on final data
  • determination of the margin on forecast data

Margins on final data and on forecast data

The function using final data is based on energy balance factors, such as:

  • accounts receivable data: personal data, volumes, commodity revenues (derived from sales, contracts, dispatch, etc.)
  • accounts payable data: commodity costs (Terna's volumes, DAM data, former green certificates, imbalances, payable invoices, etc.)
  • definition of the short, medium and long-term margins

The function used to determine margins on forecast data is based on the following:

  • energy balance items
  • strategic marketing: acquisition, renewal or exit ramps-ups; changes in commercial offer or commodity prices, etc.
  • projection of potential impacts on margins
  • price reformulation on attractiveness components for different customer segments, necessary to classify the customer base

A tool for maximising strategic marketing performance

The Acumargin solution allows you to:

  • obtain calculations on margins in a short space of time, thanks to the software’s high performance, for simulations on statistics and on the entire population
  • make timely considerations that will help you develop your proposal in a highly competitive market
  • implement coordinated measures in synergy across several company departments, which, by centralising information, will have a platform for sharing and making useful comparisons to exploit opportunities or identify latent threats
  • support tactical directives by defining new customer ranking policies (per leakage, crew, loyalty), thanks to the innovative clustering algorithms applied
  • implement a "win-win" approach: we recommend using the final data function first, and then adopting the forecasting function, in order to provide concrete support to the steering committee

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